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daniel makins: Bio

From San Angelo, TX. ~ Struggling Christian, husband, dad, and songwriter.

Daniel Makins was raised in a musical family as a relative of famed ballad hunter, John A Lomax. First performing in large family "pickin' and grinnin'" circles, he has always believed in songs as milestones and guideposts.

Daniel's parents gifted him with a decade of classical piano lessons. He then enjoyed several years as a jazz drummer which led to a unique finger-style guitar technique often utilizing alternate tunings which are instinctively rhythmic and melodically fresh. Concerts move like conversations among family and Daniel's sense of humor makes his shows even more memorable.

Makins has recorded eight albums (1999-2015) and was included on a Traveling Texas compilation released by the Center for Texas Music History. He has appeared on stage with many well known artists as a drummer. Combined with his own, personal shows, Makins performed over 150 nights annually from 2000-2006.

In 2008 and 2010, the birth of sons, Cal and James, marked a slower period of travel, but Daniel has continued to write, record, and appear at numerous festivals and house concerts. He served as Executive Director for the San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council from 2009-2014. Daniel currently resides in Sewanee, TN where his wife, Claire, is attending seminary.

2016 marks a turning point with the simultaneous release of two new albums, Loop That Big and Long Day to be Lonely.

Kerrville Folk Festival (3 time New Folk Finalist)
Wildflower Festival (Winner)
Gig Harbor Folk Festival (Winner)
Songwriter Serenade (Finalist)

Short Bio

Daniel is from San Angelo, TX and was raised in a musical family as a relative of famed folklorist/musicologist, John A Lomax. Daniel's discography includes eight albums and inclusion on a "Traveling Texas" compilation released by the Center for Texas Music History. Daniel is a passionate advocate for the arts in elementary schools and served many years as Executive Director of the Cultural Affairs Council in San Angelo, where he also produced popular concert series focused on both Jazz and singer-songwriters. Daniel and his wife, Claire, now live in Sewanee, Tennessee with their sons, Cal and James, and two old hound dogs.