1. Who I Am

From the recording Who I Am


I want to know for sure I am doing the best I can, don't want to end up dying living half a man, sometimes I try sometimes I don't that's just who I am, getting by on getting by am I missing something? In the quest of realization baby it takes time, recognizing best vocation always on my mind, it's an ordinary truth if you believe that line, for extraordinary proof you must seek you will find. I may sound like a crazy man but that's OK, a stream of consciousness hell bent to be a lake, washed up on the shore feeling half awake, praying to the Lord for goodness sake. *Am I making life hard or is it? Am I taking the turns I am given? I want to take it all off like a stripper, I want to call it all off and remember that this is who I am. I'm sorry about that last part things got a little weird, it happens time to time, it's not exactly clear why I say these things oh maybe I'm just scared because I care because I care because I care. I'm sick of all the pretense I can't say what I mean, it's artistic reflex, it's part of this machine, clamoring and clanging like an ancient submarine, pumping out the water but slowly sinking. I guess I could go mad with all this Kierkegaard, manufacturing misery with all this chasing God, perhaps it's circumstance you heard this song, if you believe in accidents well simply move along... * Help I need somebody I'm still crazy after all these years. I need McCartney and Simon to halve and to hold me near, to hold me here. There's something quite poetic about those diamonds on the souls of her shoes, was it simply the designer or metaphor to use? My dirty feet in dusty boots a stinking up the living room, something about stepping stones, all jewels of captivating hues. One journey, one road, one million cars, each in our own way outnumbered by billions of stars. Still I want to think about the mysteries of faith and who we are, a pilgrim, a disciple, a certifiable bizarre... *