1. Windfall

From the recording Windfall


I can't sleep, I'm busy watching you, watching over everything I'd hoped for. Tears and smiles run together too in still frames of happy ever after. Our youngest coughs, then falls back to sleep, his brother down the hall will wake us early. I close my eyes, breath in deep, and try my best to make a memory... * Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh -o I see your face in 1992, I never lost your eyes it's true, Our first dance holding hands in 1992, I'm so glad so much of my life is you. Relishing the night, relieving stress of day, the distance between us seems to narrow. Fewer words, less to say, nothing left but dreaming 'til tomorrow. It's October 1 in our quiet little house, yes I guess it's funny we should be here at all, but here we lay face to face, our love is quite a little windfall... * Dawn breaking through, the first seconds of the song, a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen. You look at me and ask if I fed the dogs, you've no idea what I'm thinking...