Struggling Christian, husband, dad, songwriter.

Kerrville Folk Festival (3 time New Folk Finalist)
Wildflower Festival (Winner) 
Gig Harbor Folk Festival (Winner) 
Songwriter Serenade (Finalist)

I was raised in a musical family as a relative of famed ballad hunter, John A Lomax. I try to write songs I can believe in as guideposts and attempt to perform concerts as intentional, meaningful conversations. I hope that songs I have worked on become useful for listeners.

I have released eight albums (1999-2016), was included on a Traveling Texas compilation of the Center for Texas Music History, and performed over 100 shows annually from 2000-2006 (based out of Nashville and then Austin).

I struggle with self-promotion, but enjoy promoting the art of others... I served as Director of the San Angelo, TX Cultural Affairs Council and Cactus Jazz Series from 2009-2014, and the San Angelo Concert Series (hosting nationally known songwriters) for 12 years. 

These days (at 40) I find myself in a support role for my wife Claire (an Episcopal priest) and our boys, Cal (2008) and James (2010).

I do enjoy sharing songs and I hope you will consider using the contact page to inquire about booking a concert.